And so, the blog is back. I've moved house and though the boxes still fill most corners of the new place, there is at least internet and I finally got the Raspberry Pi that houses this thing a wi-fi adapter and got it back on the internet.

Let joy be unbounded.

So shortly we return to the Albums of the Years series. I'll bet you can't wait. We shall probably skip forward again to 2015 before returning to the thorny issue of the 1992 shortlist. And as for 2016, well I'm not looking forward to writing the intro to that one I can tell you. (The 2016 winner is 100% decided though, no doubt whatsoever, and has been in the bag since the day it was released. More on that, naturally, at a later date.)

OK so. 2017. What's in store? Who knows. Hopefully some good music at least.