I'm not a huge one for people posting baby photos everywhere.

Face it, all babies look very similar. They look like little Winston Churchills and they make about three or four distinct faces. The only reason you think your baby looks so amazing and unique and wonderful and different to all the others is that it is yours. Everyone else just sees a baby.

You: "Yes, but look at his little chubby face and look how bright his eyes are!"

Everyone else: "Yep, that's a baby."

Having said all that, I now have a baby and this is my blog, so I am going to post a photo of him. It's just going to be this once, I'm not going to fill up my blog with baby photos, I'm just marking a pretty major event in my life on my blog - that's allowed.

This is Adam Felix Murray, born on 28th March 2014 (photo taken on 25th April, so he's 4 weeks old):

Right. Back to guitars and rock albums and all that other misc shite with which I usually fill these pages.

As you were.