So, if the story is about Shira and her departure then this is the third and final part of that story.

My wife and I visited a cat rescue place in Luton on 21st June, five days after Shira finally went to her well-earned rest. We predictably enough fell in love with a lovely female black and white (black, essentially, but with a white diamond on her chest) cat who came home with us and who we have named Cleo. This is she:



The thing is...

Cleo had kittens. And we felt bad about taking their mummy away.


This is Jeff:

...and this is Izzy:

...and this is Ziggy:

...and now we no longer have the wrong number of cats.

We will never forget Shira, our darling Little Bear. She will always be in our hearts. But life does move on, and so must we. The pain will fade (I'm crying now) over time and we will carry on with our new little feline family.

RIP Shira. Say 'Hi' to Trevor for me.