Many years ago, I came up with an excellent name for a cocktail – the "Gin Diesel". However it was at least a full year before I could properly nail down the recipe.

It must contain gin, natch, but also something dark and strong to represent the diesel element, while still remaining drinkable.

The end result is very drinkable, and is the official cocktail of Indigo Down.

It's a cracking Summer drink, somewhere between a Moscow Mule and a Dark & Stormy. Want to try one? OK, here you go:

  • 2 measures (50ml) gin (nothing too floral, Tanqueray is perfect)
  • 1 measure (25ml) dark rum (ideally not spiced or gold... Lamb's Navy is spot on)
  • 1 measure (25ml) lime juice
  • pour over ice into a highball or tumbler
  • top up with ginger beer (Old Jamaica is 👌)

Lob in a mint leaf or a strawberry if that's your kind of thing. I don't, because I'm not a monster.