Sometimes I post stuff on here that doesn't sound very happy, or not like I'm in a very good place. And sometimes that is because I am not.

I have ups and downs like everyone, I'm sure. I struggle with reliance on self-medication, I often can't sleep without some kind of chemical help, and I paper over the cracks in my personality with abrasiveness and gregariousness.

On the whole I'm mostly OK. Don't worry, don't place me on psych hold just yet. I'm dealing with one or two chronic health issues that are getting me down. These come and go.

Anyway, this site is hosted on a Raspberry Pi, and it is an outdated version of Ghost. I have bought a new Pi to move it to, but haven't got round to sorting that out. When I do, there will definitely be a new look and feel around here – possibly more than one. Possibly even a theme switcher.

Everyone loves dark mode, right?