Years, perhaps centuries ago, I started a series of posts on my old blog listing my top 100 albums of the 2000s in groups of 10 with mini-reviews of each. It was a hopelessly ambitious task, given that I was hardly blogging at all, and despite finishing a list in Evernote the posts only ever made it from 100 up to 41. And looking back at the list, I can see that I'd probably change over half of them were I to do it again, so that's kind of a pointless endeavour.

However, I was trying to think of stuff to post here on my shiny new Ghost blog, and I came up with "Clive's Albums of the Years" - I'll just pick my favourite album of the year starting from last year and work backwards. I can't start from 2013, as i) it's not over yet, and ii) there are a couple of serious contenders for AotY2013 that I've only gotten hold of recently, such as Alter Bridge's magnificent Fortress and Buckcherry's raucous Confessions, and I need to let them bed in a bit more before I could make a call.

So I'll start from 2012, and work back from there until I get bored and/or can't be arsed any more.

I bet you can't wait.