I'm Clive. Rock guitarist and gentleman adventurer from a land before time. I am also at clivemurray.com.

I'm a web developer by day, currently working at Springer Nature and rock guitarist by night. My band is Indigo Down.

I released a solo instrumental album called "Earthman" in 2002, and have been working on the follow-up since then. I made a site to show how that's going.

I live in Hemel Hempstead with my family and cats.

This blog lives on a Raspberry Pi in my house, and is powered by Ghost.

You can email me on hi@clivemurray.com if the desire so takes you.

I used to Twitter as @axemonkey, but Elongated Muskrat ruined all that. (I still maintain my account, but don't post there any more. If you really need to get hold of my via Twitter, I might still get it.)

But now I am on a splendid instance of Mastodon instead, so feel free to toot me at @axemonkey@metalhead.club.