What now?

So yeah, observant listeners may have realised that I have now completed my task of picking an Album of the Year (plus runners-up where applicable) for every year from 2017 right back to the year of my birth, 1974.

Since some people might be interested to see it, I have compiled a master list of the runners and riders, the wailers and the failures, the winners and the sinners and the chicken dinners, and made a permanent page for it. I shall of course add to it once a year from now onwards.

But what now I hear you cry? With what spurious bollocks will I pollute this blog now that my opinions and decrees upon what music was hot and what was not for the previous 44 years have been fully ascribed and transcribed?

Fear not, gentle listener, for coming your way very soon, right here, in this very corner of the ee-lectrick hinternet, prepare your fragile eggshell minds for...

Clive's A-Z of Artists/Bands Of Which You May Not Have Heard!!*

Yes, that's right. I know. Please try to contain your gibbering, frothing excitement – ew, you got some on your leg there – and prepare as best you can to come with me on a 26-stop journey through my music collection examining briefly or in-depth, sometimes perhaps coherently, a musical act for each and every letter in the English alphabet that may be unfamiliar to you.

Unless of course they aren't, in which case they won't be. No refunds will be given. Naturally some of these artists will have cropped up in the Albums of the Years series, but I can promise that some will not and some may hopefully be new to you.

You might even find new music that you like.


* (Working title)