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Sometimes I post stuff on here that doesn't sound very happy, or not like I'm in a very good place.



In 1926 in the city of Liverpool there was born a boy, and today would have been his 92nd birthday...

Albums of the Year, 1993-2013 recap

So when I launched this blog, 3 years ago this month, it was mainly because I had discovered the wonder of the Raspberry Pi and wanted an excuse to buy one (that wasn't bitcoin mining) so a blog server seemed like a good idea.

Prejudiced, but not proud

Personally I think everyone is prejudiced to some degree. You can't help it, it's in the way people think. If I learn that someone who I've never met is a - let's pick

Remember, Remember...

A friend just posted on Twitter "Remember, remember the 5th of November" and I immediately felt crushingly depressed. He doesn't know of course - why would he? - that 5th November