I bloody love cats. At time of writing I live with five of the furry fools.

Cats update!

Ok, so when last I spoke about feline friends, my wife and I had just adopted four new sets of paws - a mummy cat and her three kittens. Well, that was three


So, if the story is about Shira and her departure then this is the third and final part of that story. My wife and I visited a cat rescue place in Luton on

The Wrong Number of Cats

In my opinion there is only one wrong number of cats to have, and that is none. I wasn’t always That Cat Guy. When I was very young my Mum had a

Cats and Dogs

People seem to divide reasonably neatly into two groups: cat people and dog people. People who say "But I like both!" - you're probably dog people. People who like both (in